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Flour Bakery & Café on Clarendon Street Boston, MA

Back Bay Café and Bake Shop

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  • Apr 02, 2024 by Valek

    On a busy Saturday morning, I was lucky to find an empty self-ordering kiosk at this bakery. Using it was simple, and I managed to order everything I wanted from the menu. After ordering, there is ID tags on the side of the kiosk to place on the sistem and in your table, making it easy for the waiters to find you and bring your order. It's a real time-saver. While I made a mistake with one order, everything else was delicious. The hot chocolate was amazing, and the Grilled Mushroom Melt was really good. Finding a seat might be a bit tough when it's crowded. The place was clean, and the pastries looked tempting. They accept credit cards.

  • Feb 26, 2024 by Gilda Burke

    My family and I were visiting Boston this past weekend and made it a point to go to Flour Bakery. I bought the Chocolate Mousse Cake, cinnamon roll, chocolate cupcake, raspberry filled donut and croissant for us to all taste and every single thing was amazing!

  • Jan 30, 2024 by Mich Cam

    Amazing place to have a breakfast! I went with my friends for breakfast and it was above my expectations! The place is very nice and comfortable, the service was good and all what we ate were tasty! I recommend this place

  • Jan 11, 2024 by Mark P

    Although there is seating at Flour, I generally pick up my lunch and eat it elsewhere. The sandwiches and pastries are excellent, though pretty expensive. I order via the app and that is the way to do it: Flour gets very busy, but by using the app I rarely need to wait for my order. One added note: The employees are generally friendly and helpful.

  • Dec 27, 2023 by Kimberly

    This Flour was next to where I had breakfast, so I decided to stop by and finally try the famous sticky bun.

    There is some metered parking out front. The inside is spacious, and it was quite busy for a Tuesday morning.

    The sticky bun was $5.25. The worker heated it up for me, which you should definitely ask for if you plan on eating it right away. The sticky bun was very soft and sweet. Definitely hits the spot if you need a sugar rush. The toasted pecans were also good.

    Overall, I can see why this item is so popular. It's not something I would be able to eat regularly, but I'm satisfied with my first experience.

  • Nov 15, 2023 by Mark P

    Though there is indoor and outdoor seating(seasonally), I almost always pick up meals from Flour. The sandwiches and baked items are really good, though expensive. I typically order via the app and that is a quick and easy way to order.

  • Nov 08, 2023 by Laura Macchi

    Unfortunately they were out of porridge, so I got the granola and milk insted, which I did not enjoy in the least. However, the parmesan and chives scone was simply delicious, and most of the other products on offer also promised to be. It can be tricky to find a place to sit and enjoy, especially if more than 2 people, but not impossible so do not turn away even if it looks full. Our order came in chunks, so it was a bit unfortunate, but otherwise a pleasant experience

  • Nov 01, 2023 by Marissa C.

    One of my favorite cafe experiences of the trip for sure! Food was sooooo fresh! Cinnamon roll was excellent-not to cinnamon-y but cream cheese icing was on point. The yogurt parfait was so good-almost tasted like cream cheese -it was thick and yummy! Egg sandwich was fresh and flavorful with the dijjonaiss.

  • Oct 30, 2023 by Angelica A

    Went at noon, very busy but I still got my food promptly! They have a kiosk for faster ordering, but you can also wait in line. I got the hummus sandwich (vegetarian), a vanilla maple coffee and an orange scone. The coffee was okay (but I'm very picky about my coffee), but the sandwich and scone were delicious

  • Oct 17, 2023 by Rifa S.

    Great pastries and breads. Location is super cute. Very busy. Will definitely come again. Service is great and staff is friendly.

  • Oct 13, 2023 by L L.

    Back in town and Flour is still the best ! So many awesome options and you can't go wrong ...I'll be heading bk today ! Most go to when in Boston ! My fave breakfast lunch spot ! Great staff and great food ..try the frozen hot chocolate

  • Oct 12, 2023 by Kristen M.

    Everything was great. Only minus one star because they were out of the famous sticky bun which is why we went there and didn't get to try it.

  • Oct 10, 2023 by Jenny N

    The vibe is chaotic on a busy afternoon (if you get overstimulated oh brother don’t order in) but the service and food is so good!!! I got the meat pizza of the day (10/09) and I forgot exactly what it was but it was sooooo good. I wasn’t expecting much but this exceeded all expectations!! (I started eating before taking a pic lol)

  • Oct 06, 2023 by Ayall S.

    I liked this place. They had a good variety of pastries and decent coffee. This location has indoor and outdoor seating, and the service was friendly enough. I'll swing by this place again; or at least one of their other chain establishments.

  • Sep 30, 2023 by James G.

    Excellent pastries.!!!!!!!! Employees are all very personable. Roast beef sandwich is over priced for only 2 slices of roast beef . If you hungry do not order this sandwich. Other than that Flour is a 10 +

  • Sep 30, 2023 by Fireweed25

    Flour Bakery was near our hotel so we picked up breakfast on several days. Appreciated the choices of sweet and savoury. Enjoyed the sticky bun and breakfast pizza. Loved the Boston Cream Pie. I don’t usually like a coffee flavoured dessert but this was the best Boston Cream Pie we had while in Boston.

  • Sep 18, 2023 by Mich Cam

    Amazing place to have a breakfast! I went with my friends for breakfast and it was above my expectations! The place is very nice and comfortable, the atención was good and all what we ate were tasty! I recommend this place

  • Sep 15, 2023 by Bello Solano

    Place is nice, and pretty busy. Able to find a table to sit. The fresh squeezed orange juice was great, ended up buying 2. The breakfast sandwiches were ok, felt that the amount of egg was overpowering in relation to everything else. Bread was soft, and the arugula gave it a little something different.

  • Sep 09, 2023 by L L.

    Most go to when in Boston ! My fave breakfast lunch spot ! Great staff and great food ..try the frozen hot chocolate

  • Sep 02, 2023 by Derrick L.

    Like anything, it's the little things that elevate something from pedestrian to the next level. Quality ingredients, great execution. Easy to see why this is a popular stop in the Copley area.

  • Aug 29, 2023 by Mark T.

    So apparently there is a "thing" in Boston between Flour and Tatte resembling Mike's and Modern Pastry. One group swears by Mike's, another group swears by Modern. The only time I get into things like that is when we're talking Red Sox vs. Yankees. I'm just here for good food! Something you should also know about me is I am a big fan of Joanne Chang. Myers & Chang is in my Hall of Fame, and I especially underscore the importance of getting the desserts whenever recommending it. Thus, I was ecstatic when on a food tour I found out Flour Bakery and Café is her creation. The baked goods here are terrific! They are fresh, varied, unique, and my favorite thing of all: they are not overloaded with sugar! I fully appreciate that pastries do not exactly count as diet food. At the same time if it helps me feel a little bit better about myself while eating I will absolutely take it! To say nothing of the fact that too much sugar overpowers flavors. I also had a cappuccino on one occasion, and It had great strength and quality. Didn't take too long to get it either (Tatte, I'm looking at you) As for the service here, it is efficient and polite. During the morning rush they keep the waits very reasonable, and they've very fair prices considering location, quality, and portion sizes. I have absolutely become a fan, and can see myself stopping in regularly before work.

  • Aug 28, 2023 by Brandon M.

    Came here to try the a Boston Cream Pie and wasn't disappointed. Only complaint is the self ordering is slow and unnecessarily complicated.

  • Aug 26, 2023 by B Sangani

    Good vibe. Only had a Latte so can't comment on other items. But it's really unique, and Latte tasted better than SB. Takeout Panini.

  • Aug 12, 2023 by Elizabeth Doran

    The coffee and baked French toast was wonderful. The service at Flour is always awesome! They hire enough people to manage the flow. This place is often crowded and the staff is cheerful and helpful. The sweets at flour are very good. my favorite is the cherry and peach crostini.

  • Aug 06, 2023 by 363cymru123

    We visited this bakery for breakfast, the staff were very welcoming and helpful. We had hot coffee latte's, warm sticky buns and muffins. We ate outside at the tables provided as it was a sunny morning and enjoyed everything we purchased. Cheers for the great service

  • Aug 06, 2023 by Greg B.

    I would have to break this review up into two parts: (1) Food was very good, diverse selection.  We had the breakfast pizza and the avocado toast and both were very good. I would rate it 4.5, however (2) we wanted to eat at the cafe which is where I would rank it a 2. They bring the food to you however one meal came out 15 minutes before the other and the coffees came in between that. Would have preferred everything to come at once.  The outside tables are filled with people and half are in the Sun with no umbrellas; would suggest investing in umbrellas and tables to meet the demand that is clearly there. Pigeons flock on the tables and in the bussing tray that sits outside the front door. Perhaps staff it so one person is outside keeping things tidy. Our table had the previous customers meal left on it.

  • Jul 28, 2023 by Douglas W.

    Love flour and the freshness of ingredients. Sometimes the wait is a little annoying and there seem to be a lot of employees taking and moving slowly but I'll take it for the excellent treats and food!

  • Jul 28, 2023 by Sightseer197821

    I'm in town for a conference. The Smoked chicken sandwich salad was 9.5, the Arnold Palmer was ok, and the Luna was a 10!!!

  • Jul 25, 2023 by Katie Patrick

    Had the breakfast sandwich with sausage and a sticky bun. As a self professed sweet treats lover, the entire baked goods case was phenomenal to look at. There were also healthier options such as yogurt with granola, but the breakfast pizza would hBe also been an excellent choice. The cold brew coffee had good flavor and I was grateful for the assortment of non dairy creamers for my beverage. Flour is a great breakfast (or anytime) stop!

  • Jul 22, 2023 by Amanda Dobbelsteyn

    Stopped here for a bite at the end of a really hot day. I ordered the Chicken Salad Sandwich - because I was intrigued with the combination of grapes, pickles, and tarragon. When I inquired if I could have less mayo, they told me there wasn't much on it and if I didn't like it, I could have my money back. The sandwich was amazing - totally inspiring. The lady at the cash came over and personally asked me if was I enjoying it. In the end, good food, and great customer service.

  • Jul 16, 2023 by Sandee L.

    The sticky bun is what brought us here, but the avocado toast was what made us stay. I've been familiar with the sticky bun years ago since Joanne Chang won on Throwdown! with Bobby Flay.  They are indeed ooey-gooey deliciousness! After traveling for a couple weeks, we were in the mood for something "simple".  Usually, I wouldn't go for the $11 and change avocado toast I can make at home.  Boy, did I underestimate this elevated avocado toast!  The toast was grilled (complete with the char marks) to perfection, topped with creamy avocado, tangy cotija cheese and pickled peppers.  Also, that poached egg was on point! I couldn't resist picking up three of their toffee packages.  Haven't dug in yet to try them out!

  • Jul 02, 2023 by Kathy K.

    Sandwiches & desserts were excellent! It was a cute vibe inside with plenty of open seating. They also provided top notch customer service. If we lived close by, we would be regulars.

  • Jun 28, 2023 by Allegra P.

    Ordered many cake slices to send off a friend. The best things we ate were the cheesecake and the chocolate cream pie. The chocolate cream pie was out of this world!!! I thought the cake was good but not as good as the pie. The tiramisu style Boston cream pie was also very nice.

  • Jun 27, 2023 by Allanah

    Nice coffeeshop with lots of pastries and specialty coffees. Had an Americano which was good, and somewhat disappointing raspberry bar (slight flat!). A nice feature was the kiosk to order and skip the line. While the wait was still significant around 8am on a weekday, it was nice to pass the order without waiting for the 4-5 other clients ahead.

  • Jun 26, 2023 by Behnam V

    excellent service and very delicious pastries definitely recommend it we went for breakfast despite being crowded the service was fast and efficient

  • Jun 25, 2023 by Dennis Liew

    We came here because we enjoyed Myers+Chang and found out the owners also had bakeries in this area (aka Flour Bakery + Cafe). The brioche au chocolat was okay; I am probably just too used to the flakiness of pain ai chocolat. The breakfast was good, but wished the bread was toasted or warmed. Matcha latte was good!

    The turkey sandwich is phenomenal!!

  • Jun 25, 2023 by Michelle W.

    Pastries were delish. Cinnamon sugar brioche bun was so light and buttery. Highly recommend. Coffee beverages were tasty as well.  Slightly chaotic inside, with long lines. Prompt, friendly service. Well worth the wait.

  • Jun 22, 2023 by Suzi B.

    This place is popular! But service is pretty fast. The line would move faster if we all knew exactly what we wanted before we get to the counter, ir if we could be reasonable and just decide already on that one thing we want to order. Do us all a favor- including yourself- and order a bunch of stuff. You are going to go back again anyway so just order all the things you want. Who can choose? Breakfast, lunch and dinner provide so many great options! The food is fresh and perfectly made. Comforting muffins, avocado toast, sweets and more sweets, sandwiches, and all so good. And of course lots of smoothies and coffee concoctions. PRO TIP: download the app, join the club, order ahead! The Back Bay location had a fair sized seating area on the patio in summer. There's also cookbooks and merch, though most of the cool stuff sold out. So glad a friend recommended this place! We went twice in one day. Couldn't get enough goodness!

  • May 23, 2023 by MarkP115

    While there is plenty of seating both indoors and outdoors, I order via the app and pick up my lunches from Flour. The sandwiches and cookies are excellent, and service is friendly and good, though this location is always very busy. Prices are fairly high, but the quality of the food supports those prices.

  • May 01, 2023 by Richard W

    The staff recommended the broccoli melt as a savory option. I was afraid of it being mostly cheese with tiny bits of broccoli, like at many placed. But no, this was chock full of charred broccoli and red cabbage, the cheese lending support to the flavorful vegetables.

  • Apr 15, 2023 by NsMommy

    The is a very busy place but the food comes quickly. Sandwiches & salads are fresh, hearty & tasty. The dessert case makes it impossible to pick just one and everything we tried was wonderful.

  • Apr 14, 2023 by Oaklee S

    Good service and friendly staff. Food is over priced for the quality of it. Good food, but last time I was there I had got 2 sandwiches & 2 coffee and my total was almost $50.00. But to each there own!

  • Apr 13, 2023 by Tedd S.

    Amazing food. The best sandwiches in the area. Try the mushroom melt or the one with cauliflower. We are not vegetarians but LOVE these sandwiches. Great baked goods too of course. Staff is always friendly and welcoming. Nice vibe to the store even when it's very busy at peak times. Flour is not only one of the best bakeries I know of - but they also have amazing sandwiches. The staff is super nice and efficient. The setting comfortable despite being often very busy. We go to the one on Clarendon St but all of the locations are equally good!

  • Mar 29, 2023 by Susy S.

    I am addicted to the roast beef sandwich! High quality food served beautifully. I have only had delivery, so I have no idea about ambience.

  • Mar 23, 2023 by dustythoughts

    I was in the area and decided to stop in for a coffee, and ended up staying for a while because I loved the ambiance. I had the housemade raspberry seltzer and a brown sugar almond meringue, both of which were fantastic! The seltzer was super refreshing and flavorful, and the meringue was light, chewy, and delicious. This is a popular location, so it can take a while to find a table during the mealtime rush periods, but it's worth the wait. The staff are really friendly and the ambiance is relaxed.

  • Mar 16, 2023 by Laghavi


  • Mar 16, 2023 by Shefali Nishant Naggar


  • Mar 16, 2023 by Britni


  • Mar 16, 2023 by Dhani Narasa Reddy


  • Mar 16, 2023 by Mahesh


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  • Mar 16, 2023 by Yuktii

    Nutbutt sandwich waffle we ordered the taste of it was amazing and delicious ! I loved it alot ! Good quantity and good quality raw material food delivered on time..

  • Mar 16, 2023 by Sridevikamjula12


  • Mar 16, 2023 by Sangeeta Shetkar


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  • Mar 16, 2023 by Manu Ishu


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  • Mar 15, 2023 by Vishal Goyal Advocate

    best food

  • Mar 15, 2023 by Sanchayita Das


  • Mar 15, 2023 by Tapas Kumar Mohanty


  • Mar 15, 2023 by ADI


  • Mar 15, 2023 by Aniruddha Ghosh


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  • Mar 06, 2023 by Ruth M.

    Clean, friendly--and thank GOD they had sticky buns in stock! The lady at the register was really nice and welcoming. I popped in with a friend to split a sticky bun and everything was as I hoped :)

  • Mar 03, 2023 by Nicole C.

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  • Feb 23, 2023 by Sara L.

    Amazing and perfect morning breakfast spot in Boston. Everything is delicious and the coffee was great.

  • Feb 22, 2023 by MarkP115

    Though expensive, Flour offers very high quality sandwiches, salads and baked goods for lunch. I order through the app, which is quick and efficient.

  • Feb 10, 2023 by Hanna D.

    The ice latte was really good! I got one of their seasonal sandwiches, and it was alright.

  • Feb 09, 2023 by Kayla A.

    The breakfast here was so fresh, the staff was super friendly, coffee was delish they have free water out for guest. The bakery goods looks incredible, differently gets busy but it's worth the visit!

  • Feb 03, 2023 by Vivian S.

    I placed an online order but came in early just in time for a staff member to catch me and ask me some clarifying questions about my order. I specified vegan + dairy and egg allergy, just to make sure things were vegan, and the staff member actually asked me if honey was okay, as the multigrain bread does contain honey. The focaccia does not though, so that is safe for vegans. I got the miso tofu eggplant sandwich ($13)and the almond macaroon ($3.50). The miso ssamjang sauce is sweet and savory, and keeps the sandwich mouthwateringly flavored throughout. There's freshness from the lettuce, and a toasty flavor from the roasted eggplant. I will say if the bread had been toasted a little, it would have been even better, though the whole sandwich is cold. The sandwich is quite large, but not enough to be two full meals. The cookie was super messy to eat- there's a sprinkling of pistachio on top that kind of gets everywhere. But flavor wise it was a sweet almond extract-y flavor, with a hard chewy texture. A little stale if I'm honest, and kind of gets stuck in your teeth a little, but still tasty. There is a decent amount of seating and work space, and it was pretty full on a Friday afternoon. Would come back if I'm in the area!

  • Jan 22, 2023 by Gary G.

    Flour is a special bakery. The food is delicious ! I highly recommend the roast beef sandwich.

  • Jan 12, 2023 by Kaeli H.

    Super yummy pastries. We had the Lemon Meringue Pie, carrot cake, and Boston creme pie, all were delicious. The drinks are pretty good too. Didn't try the food but the menu looked pretty broad for a cafe.

  • Jan 11, 2023 by Austin T.

    Service seems a bit detached-most ordering done through tablets as opposed to ordering through humans. Food was delicious. The jicama on the chicken sandwich was delectable.

  • Jan 08, 2023 by Hannah S.

    This has become one of my absolute FAVE local bakeries around the Boston area. And with 9 locations between Beantown & Cambridge, you're never too far away from one of their delectable bakeries! The food is impeccable, vibe is fun and cozy, and staff are always welcoming and helpful! I've tried their avocado toast and it's awesome! They top it with different herbs and oils than I've ever had and it was excellent - very savory and the poached egg on top is always cooked perfectly for that desirable yolk pop. But it's their roast beef sandwich that keeps me coming back - I can honestly say it's THE BEST roast beef sandwich I've ever had! The meat is soft and flavorful and it has lettuce, tomato, delicious fried onions, and the absolute BEST horseradish sauce I've ever had - just the right amount of horseradish burn - not overwhelmingly (where are my horseradish lovers at??? IYKYK hahaha)!! On my last visit, my friend tried their chicken tikka masala Naan sandwich and loved it! It smelled amazing too. They have tons of pastries - from sticky buns all the way to homemade pop tarts what??!! Their coffees are great too. It's an order-at-the-counter style spot but if you're eating in, they'll bring it to your table. It gets super packed during "rush hours" so bring your patience and make sure you have enough time. Lines move pretty quickly though so I've never had issues. They have table seating and also nice "bar" style seating at the windows which always have great views for people watching. I definitely try to make a stop at Flour anytime I'm in Boston! Highly recommend!

  • Jan 08, 2023 by TravelingMerm

    This has become one of my absolute FAVE local bakeries around the Boston area. And with 9 locations between Beantown & Cambridge, you’re never too far away from one of their delectable bakeries! The food is impeccable, vibe is fun and cozy, and staff are...always welcoming and helpful! I’ve tried their avocado toast and it’s awesome! They top it with different herbs and oils than I’ve ever had and it was excellent - very savory and the poached egg on top is always cooked perfectly for that desirable yolk pop. But it’s their roast beef sandwich that keeps me coming back - I can honestly say it’s THE BEST roast beef sandwich I’ve ever had! The meat is soft and flavorful and it has lettuce, tomato, delicious fried onions, and the absolute BEST horseradish sauce I’ve ever had - just the right amount of horseradish burn - not overwhelmingly (where are my horseradish lovers at??? IYKYK hahaha)!! On my last visit, my friend tried their chicken tikka masala Naan sandwich and loved it! It smelled amazing too. They have tons of pastries - from sticky buns all the way to homemade pop tarts what??!! Their coffees are great too. It’s an order-at-the-counter style spot but if you’re eating in, they’ll bring it to your table. It gets super packed during “rush hours” so bring your patience and make sure you have enough time. Lines move pretty quickly though so I’ve never had issues. They have table seating and also nice “bar” style seating at the windows which always have great views for people watching. I definitely try to make a stop at Flour anytime I’m in Boston! Highly recommend!More Thank you so much for the sandwich love! What an excellent read to start the day. We hope to see you soon!

  • Jan 05, 2023 by Katy C.

    What I Ordered: Boston Creme Pie * similar to tiramisu * chilled sponge cake with multiple layers that includes a layer that is similar to vanilla ice cream Sticky Bun * perfect balance between sweetness of topping and neutral tasting bread Sticky Bun Bread Pudding * flan as bottom layer * sticky bun as top layer * very unique menu items 7.5/10

  • Dec 22, 2022 by Sheri C.

    I ordered 2 dozen cookie sets from them via Goldbelly. Everything arrived on time and the recipients LOVED them. They are cookies, icing, and marshmallows to create melting snowmen cookies. Adorable, tasted great! A huge hit.

  • Dec 16, 2022 by G_O_C479

    Great menu choice, great staff and great tasting food. We corn had the seasonal turkey sandwich and it was superb - full of flavour and fresh. Nice, bright, clean and modern premises. Who doesn’t live a heart shaped sandwich?

  • Dec 13, 2022 by John M.

    Great place for good sandwiches, salad and pastries. Loved their cinnamon roll and my daughter liked the Oreo mint cookies. I will come back for sandwiches and desserts to bring home.

  • Dec 07, 2022 by Samantha L.

    I'm not quite sure what I'm missing in regards to the craze that is Flour. Possibly it's just not my preferred style of baked goods. I got a savory scone. I wish there was an option for it to be warmed because it was a bit meh cold. I'm sure I would have loved it toasted. I do like there is an option of ordering on a self check out or a line. The sandwich options looked exciting but it was 10am so I wanted a more breakfast savory item. I didn't find too many other options that stood out (unique or different). Banana bread, muffins etc just don't move me to excitement which is what I look for in a bakery.

  • Dec 06, 2022 by MarkP115

    This is a very high quality casual restaurant in Back Bay. I typically order through the app, which is convenient and quick. My mushroom melt sandwich was quite good, and so too was my cookie.

  • Nov 30, 2022 by Anonymous A.

    Their earl grey tea is to die for. I also love the bacon and avocado panini. Also a good variety of pastries:)

  • Nov 13, 2022 by Sue K.

    I originally went to Flour for the baked goods, but was tempted by the breakfast menu and had to come back!  I previously tried the banana bread and TCHO chocolate chip cookie, both of which were a 10/10.   I was a little underwhelmed by the breakfast items -- the egg sandwich and avocado toast were both good, but not great.  Out of the two, I'd tip my hat to the avocado toast; I'm a sucker for a poached egg on top.   The Clarendon location is bustling and very hard to find seating at.  Order at the kiosk for a faster experience!

  • Nov 13, 2022 by Pedro R.

    Delicious food, we came on a rainy Sunday morning and the place was packed. Even with that context our experience was very very good! Ordered with the touch screen on the side of the actual line and it was a very good option to save some time. Food was out very quickly (10 to 15min) given the insane amount of people and it was DELICIOUS. Ordered Avocado Toast and Mushroom Sandwich and it was just perfect. One of the best breakfast we've ever had on a bakery. We even had a pastry (Boston Pie?) and it was very good! Hot chocolate was a great drinking choice and it was perfect for the cold weather. Will definitely come back and can recommend it to everyone!

  • Nov 04, 2022 by Ethan R.

    I was on a very important mission to find the best ever Coconut Cream Pie in the greater Boston area!! Don't ask me why just go with it...!! Flour Bakery + Cafe came up in my search as the best. Called and placed the order well in advanced to ensure I had my pie at the ready. I was very serious about it being an important mission. The bakery itself is relatively small but charming with both indoor & outdoor seating facing the busy streets of Boston. The staff are very nice & friendly. Although it can get a bit chaotic back there when they're crowded. And for a cafe, they have a very nice menu selection ranging from breakfast sandwiches, pastries, fresh baked goods and also lunch items & sandwiches for all them sandwiches lovers. And then... there was my Coconut Cream Pie Arguably the best cream pie I've ever had. You could immediately tell the whip cream was fresh and handmade. The pie filling was just the right amount of sweet along with this insatiable coconut flavor that was just absolutely decadent. Top that with the toasted coconut shavings on top and it was pure magic. The crust was also baked to perfection the perfect crunch and softness. Needless to say, the pie didn't last long after its purchase. I will for sure be purchasing from Flour Bakery + Cafe again...very soon.

  • Oct 23, 2022 by Kimberley R.

    Love the vibes of this place ! Coffee is great and the sandwiches and sweet bites too!

  • Oct 23, 2022 by Debby K.

    Crowded - but for good reasons. The food is good and so is the coffee.  Service is pretty quick despite the crowds, but definitely not the place to go if you're looking for something leisurely. It's hectic. Delicious desserts too and a menu that offers something for most everyone.

  • Oct 09, 2022 by Karoline P.

    Flour is my favorite bakery and lunch spot in all of Boston. From the bakery, the banana bread is spectacular. For lunch, they rotate out seasonal sandwiches and salads. My favorite fall sandwiches are the roasted sweet potato and turkey with cranberry. I recommend downloading the Flour app and ordering ahead of time as it can get busy.

  • Oct 05, 2022 by Linda S.

    My husband and I were visiting from Cali and wanted some amazing coffee. We looked up places nearby and this cafe had the best reviews. It's a cute little coffee shop with a variety of pastries! We got the boston cream pie and two vanilla lattes with oat milk. I was skeptical of the boston cream pie because I don't like custard but it was amazing!! Best dessert I had in Boston! The coffees were perfectly made as well! Highly recommend this cafe! I'm sure the food is tasty too!

  • Oct 02, 2022 by Will X.

    Hello Will! Thank you for the visit and the kind words! We hope to see you again soon. Have a sweet day!

  • Sep 30, 2022 by kelly e.

    Flour is so good we went both days of our trip! The avocado toast has so much flavor and the sticky bun is worth every bite! The breakfast sandwich with ham is also amazing... you honestly can't go wrong with anything here.. super busy spot but quick service... if you know what you want use the key osk  for ordering and save the wait in line!

  • Sep 27, 2022 by Annie Y.

    They can have long lines and hard to find a spot to sit if it's packed. They do have 2 lines, one where you use a kiosk to order and the other is ordering from a cashier. The kiosk line was definitely shorter and quicker to order if you know what you want. We tried their sticky buns, Breakfast Bacon & Egg Sandwich (on a focaccia roll), and Fresh Mozzarella Sandwich. Everything was so good! The sticky buns were very soft and warm, very sweet and tasty. The Breakfast Bacon & Egg Sandwich was really good as well. The egg and focaccia roll was really soft and everything was good and flavorful. The Fresh Mozzarella Sandwich was on a grilled sandwich, also flavorful and delicious. But my preference would be the Breakfast Bacon & Egg Sandwich. Recommendation(s): - Sticky Bun - Breakfast Bacon & Egg Sandwich (on a focaccia roll) - Fresh Mozzarella Sandwich Service: 5/5 Tip(s): - Use the kiosk if you know what you want since it's usually a shorter line

  • Sep 25, 2022 by Taylor P.

    Fast, delicious, clean, good service. Sticky bun topped with pecans was phenomenal. Iced maple vanilla latte was amazing as well. Will come back.

  • Aug 30, 2022 by Philippa Perryman

    Delicious food, very much an essential for tourists to visit as it feels like you're in with the locals. We had the sticky buns which came highly recommended and they were delicious, have them hot!

    They sell cook books, clothing and other branded items which make great gifts, you can also order from a screen which makes life easier as it's kind of difficult to work out what's on offer otherwise.

  • Aug 17, 2022 by Kyle Albano

    Delicious! Quick too! Had the avocado toast with a poached egg on top. The peppers added a nice little spicey heat but not too much. Finished it off with a warmed sticky bun and we were ready for the day. Loved this place!

  • Aug 14, 2022 by Enrique G.

    Delicious, well served, fast and easy I like it and you will too I had the avocado toas which came with a poached egg and it

  • Aug 09, 2022 by J N.

    The breakfast sandwich is delicious! This is me and my partner's go-to spot for breakfast sandwiches. Before we take off for a flight, we'll order a breakfast sandwich from here and eat it on the plane. I've gotten a variety of pastries and they're all great-- carrot cake, scones, cookies, etc. Around lunch time the place gets really busy and there's a little bit of a wait, but the line goes relatively fast for how many people are waiting.

  • Jul 28, 2022 by S F.

    Went to Flour today for the 1st time. We shared an egg soufflé sandwich, quiche, avocado toast and the sugar brioche bun. All were amazing! When visiting new places, I'll rarely try a place more than 1x since I'm always wanting to try new things. This will be an exception for this trip. It will be our last stop (and 2nd time visiting) as we catch the train home tomorrow! Excellent!

  • Jul 24, 2022 by Frenite

    I enjoyed a great egg sandwich at Flour Bakery. There was plenty of egg, melted cheese, tomato, tender arugula, and bacon. Everything blended together well. There was also plenty of other items of the menu including pastries, coffees, deserts, and more. My only problem was that I waited half an hour after I ordered to receive the food. It should never have taken that long. Besides that, everything was good. If you’re looking for a great breakfast sandwich or some other good bakery food and don’t mind waiting, I’d recommend going here.

  • Jul 23, 2022 by Kimberly S.

    DELICIOUS. It's popular, so be prepared for a line and limited amount of seating; there are also two floors at this location, not sure of others. Food portion size was larger than expected (never an issue, a simple Togo box will do) and was sooo good! Would absolutely go here again!

  • Jul 23, 2022 by Ben W.

    Really good bakery.  The quiche was great as was the fresh mozzarella sandwich.  Coffee good as well.

  • Jul 22, 2022 by Alisa Behari

    A cute cafe and coffee shop in downtown Boston. Lots of sweet and savory options to choose from and many beverage options as well. We ordered the coffee cake which was delicious! My coffee was a bit too sweet and the employees were kind enough to remake it without additional cost. Overall the service is good with many options, a bit pricey but a nice stop while walking around the town!

  • Jul 20, 2022 by Michael J.

    Rather pricey but I think the products are excellent! Pecan sticky buns are the bomb!

  • Jul 20, 2022 by Meg C.

    Buttery croissants that melt in your mouth. Solid breakfast sandwich with thick cut bacon, fluffy egg, tomato, arugula and mustard spread on a soft roll that still holds the sandwich together. The chai was also delightful and the lemon meringue pie's meringue was mega peaked. I understand why this place is liked by locals and tourists, will be back!

  • Jul 12, 2022 by Georgia Thomas

    Great Flour location. Delicious food. Can get VERY busy and I would recommend ordering online. Delicious fresh food and pastries.

  • Jul 12, 2022 by Hazelle V.

    First time coming here to Boston and loved it! Lines form at this cafe in the AM but totally worth the wait! We ordered the avocado toast, breakfast sandwich with bacon and the cubano sandwich. Mmm... mmm... good!

  • Jul 07, 2022 by sa1gon

    We visited on many occasions on our trip to Boston. They have good section of foods. The breakfast toast and French toast is excellent. A selection of salads and sandwiches, our favourite was the roast beef and the Chocolate Cream Pie was wonderful. This was...in a smaller unit last time we visited but I am pleased to see how it has grown. The staff are excellent. The only annoying thing is you can't order via the APP unless you are a USA resident, which is a shame. We tried to use it a couple of times and we saw a Canadian who was also complaining about the same issue.More

  • Jul 07, 2022 by David H.

    Was amazing. Couldn't decide between the roast beef or the chicken salad, but fortunately they do halves so I had both and both were awesome and staff was friendly.

  • Jul 05, 2022 by Anthony N.

    Always a great meal or pastry. Love in all they do. BLT is best especially when tomatoes are in season!  Can I get brownie or cookie to go!

  • Jul 04, 2022 by Jenny T.

    Food: DELICIOUS CUBANO SANDWICH, ordered it on the train via the app so it was nice n warm when I arrived hehe. SOOOO yummy, the bread was delicious, nice n warm, I got Dunkin lol but pair this with a delicious Flour iced latte or matcha (with their homemade almond milk OF COURSE, and it would be perfect. Location: It's always been busy tbh since I came here 5 years ago , so be sure to order in advance. Obviously being in Back Bay, there's soooo much nice seating outdoors and places to sit, I sat by the Southwest Corridor Park which was really stunning during the daytime and there are little chairs. LOVE FLOUR!

  • Jun 26, 2022 by Joan YZ Lee

    I can only say that I loved the croissant. It’s just the right amount of flakiness on the outside and buttery softness inside. Black regular coffee is good too. Sorry no pic- inhaled the croissant before I took any pic! There’ll be a next time! :)

  • Jun 22, 2022 by Katie D.

    I don't know if I can express my unyielding love for Flour with words, but I'm sure going to try. I love the Clarendon location the most, since I'm there most often, but I've truly had great experiences at all of them. Not only do I love all the food options I've tried (BLT, the avo toast is transformative, the sticky bun is great for days of stress-eating, the blueberry muffin with whole wheat is a delightfully depth spin off the original, and the pizza can only be described as "bangin"). The coffee is reliably good and its nice that they have decaf espresso. The only *slight* disappointment was one time I got the avo toast and my soft boiled egg was slightly over... which, kinda whatever. It was still delicious. HOWEVER, beyond the food.... I've only had supremely positive experiences with the staff. Whenever I put a request in on app orders, they always come through (I love the corner slices of pizza so I'll ask if I can have 2 if 2 are available.... I always get 2). The staff seems relaxed and in good spirits which, generally speaking, is a reflection on both management and enjoying being around coworkers. No workplace is perfect, but given the literal *days* I've spent sitting doing work, I've never hear any inappropriate yelling or reprimanding of staff. I'm not done. A few years back, a local food blogger came into some information about some local cafes/restaurants that didn't have a fantastic reputation for treatment of staff (mostly PoC and WoC in management positions). She then called for places that DO treat staff fairly, and Flour was called out for their positive company culture. This is why over the years, I'll come here over other places - putting my money where I can feel good about it going. Almost done. I had an opportunity today to observe the owner, Joanne Chang, in the shop interacting with employees and either patrons or maybe some other staff who didn't happen to be in uniform... and let me tell you, she seemed delightful! The place was busy, but even with the big boss in-house, the staff seemed just as relaxed. As someone who has been on teams where we feared upper management, it was SO NICE to see that things didn't seem to really change (from a customer's perspective) with her there. I mean, maybe everyone was silently freaking out (I kinda was- slightly and politely star-struck from afar lol) So yeah, if you're looking for a place that marries good food and positive ownership, then Flour fit that bill.

  • Jun 20, 2022 by Anna L.

    Online ordering was super easy - just takes a while to get food which makes sense as they're super super busy in the morning!! Wish I could've tried more of their baked goods  but the BLT w 2 poached eggs was so good and incredibly filling!! Bacon was so good and portions were so generous, and I was wary about the egg at first but needn't have worried the yolk was perfectly runny!

  • Jun 07, 2022 by Kiran Raj

    Nice breakfast place with good amount of options for a descent price. They have a good bakery too. Their avocado toast tasted unique with a different flavor which the chilly and cilantro gave.

  • May 23, 2022 by Drea D

    This place is fabulous! The pastries, desserts etc. are delicious! I've tried a few of their cookies including chocolate chip.Great prices to! I'll definitely keep trying all of what this cafe offers!

  • May 22, 2022 by Andrea D.

    This place is fabulous! The pastries, desserts etc. are delicious! Great prices to! I'll definitely keep trying all of what this cafe offers!

  • May 04, 2022 by Cole S.

    Great atmosphere and cute location. Grilled cheese and tomato soup (with complementary bread ends!) were good and cheap. Spicy tomato soup should be a staple on the menu, not just a daily soup!! Only complaint is that matcha was pretty bland and the chai could have been spicier but was still good and  pastries and cake were great.

  • May 02, 2022 by Maddy A.

    Cute small chain. Star of the meal was the sticky bun, it was INCREDIBLE! Pop tart was also fantastic, but it is very sugary. Service was a little slow, but they were very charming and kind.

  • May 02, 2022 by Jay P.

    My weekly goto place. Best things to try - Hummus Sandwich - Broccoli Sandwich (highly recommend) Occasionally try out daily variations in soup.

  • May 02, 2022 by Gina L.

    Extremely easy online ordering, complete with pictures!! The visual learner in me was ecstatic. Pick-up was just as easy. We ordered a couple roast beef sandwiches, turkey + swiss, and a homemade hummus. Also chose a few pastries (sticky buns, carrot cake, cinnamon roll) . Loved the fried onions in the roast beef, which gave richness and a crunch. Bun and roll were very tasty (we liked the bun more because it was *nuts*), but weren't big fans of the carrot cake (almost a preservative-y taste). Definitely a "local" sandwich place to Boston that's worth a stop, whether it's a WFH pick me up, or a Boston Common picnic. Not surprised to learn this place is owned by Joanne Chang. Hope to be back to try the other sandwiches and pastries!!

  • Apr 21, 2022 by Sherie Peace

    Pizza had lots of flavor and was nice to share around with my family at the table. My favorite was the Chicken Florentine pizza, which was a special at the time. If I ever get a chance to come back, I will!

  • Apr 21, 2022 by Candra Moye

    This establishment serves the greatest wood-fired pizza I've ever had. The server was quite informed about the menu and was able to guide us in our selections.
    We had a great time with the happy hour drinks and appetizers then ordered four pizzas, all of which were fantastic.

  • Apr 19, 2022 by Helen L.

    I really like flour bakery! The vegan hummus sandwich is good and so are their vegan pastries. The only downside is it gets very crowded so there is not much place to sit!

  • Apr 15, 2022 by Cassandra R.

    Very cute cafe. The cinnamon roll was delicious and a good size (but not too huge). The latte was great too, I subbed oat milk in mine and would definitely recommend!

  • Apr 12, 2022 by Katy Frost Galloway

    I went to Flour about a month ago with my family and we had a great experience! The food and service were outstanding! One of the employees, Lexie, took great care of us when we were there, going out of her way during the very busy morning rush to help me find the right size t-shirt. She represents the company incredibly well and you could not ask for more kindness or better customer service. She would make an excellent manager if given the opportunity.

  • Apr 11, 2022 by Anna L

    I could easily see Flour becoming my local if I lived in Boston.
    What do you do to the pickled chillies on the avocado toast? They are so delicious. Breakfast sandwich was great too and I really enjoyed the Good Morning muffin.
    Just a great spot to sit in the window and watch the world go by. Everything was delicious and the staff were so friendly. Thank you.

  • Apr 07, 2022 by Allison Burke

    I typically don’t write reviews but I had to write one for this Flour location. The staff is always SO nice and I literally DREAM about the green goddess dressing they have here it is by far my favorite dressing I’ve ever tasted in my 24 years of being on this earth. The whole menu is healthy and delicious. If I could give a 10 stars I would.

  • Apr 02, 2022 by Sarah Marie

    The sausage kale soup is a fave of mine. All of the pastries are always fresh but the Boston creme pie and carrot cake are 10/10. The low-fat vegan chocolate muffin is so good you cannot tell its vegan at all. My only qualm is all the people who sit in the restaurant with just a coffee so there is never any seating for people actually eating lunch. Expect to do take out!

  • Mar 30, 2022 by A C.

    I ordered the snacking cake and it was moist and so filling! The sticky bun is their signature so worth a try, but a little sweet and dry for my taste. The banana bread was super delicious! Their coffee was nice and not too acidic. Would love to come again!!

  • Mar 27, 2022 by Emily M.

    Good food and drinks. It's a bit expensive, but the quality is consistent and high. Would recommend.

  • Mar 20, 2022 by Ian Molloy

    This place knows what they’re doing. They have such an efficient system, the line was fairly long and it was busy but they still got the food out extremely fast. Very impressive. And so many delicious options that are top tier.

  • Mar 20, 2022 by Sarah P.

    Stopped in here for breakfast when I was visiting Boston. The breakfast sandwich was pretty good, I wasn't blown away but I'd order it again if I needed something to tide me over. I was able to have a slice of Boston Creme Pie and this was delicious. I really enjoyed my first BCP experience and was happy to have had it here. I did also try the sticky bun, and this was definitely my favorite bite. I'd recommend this if you stop in. There was a bit of a line, but it seemed to move pretty fast so it was worth the short wait. If i'm in town I'd come back! 4/5

  • Mar 18, 2022 by Simran A.

    Came here to get coffee and some baked goodies on a Friday morning and it wasn't crowded. The sticky bun is worth the hype and easily shareable since it can get too sweet. The cinnamon bun and the raspberry pop tart are yummy too! I also got the regular cup of coffee and wasn't a fan- nothing special about it, tasted below average. They have a few tables and area to sit inside. For me, it was one of those places I would go once to try the bakery items.

  • Mar 16, 2022 by Ondrea T.

    We visited before going sightseeing. The sticky and hot cross Buns were ok. The coffee was good. The atmosphere was great. Next time I will just order coffee.

  • Feb 22, 2022 by Thanh L.

    The place was pretty busy. We order off the machine to the side to avoid the line. We got the Sticky Sticky Bun and got it warm. It took like 5 minutes. It was super sticky and sweet. The bun was soft and tasty. Definitely worth the $4 something for it. Service was fast and friendly

  • Feb 20, 2022 by Charlene E.

    I was first introduced to flour bakery through my old job during COVID 2020 when we were getting free lunches, nurse here ‍! Anyways even since then I've been obsessed! Their sweet potato sandwich was the first thing I fell in love with, followed by their coconut cake which is now my weakness. Their blts are also tasty. Their sandwiches taste fresh so when I need a sandwich or a quick pastry, I come here.

  • Feb 20, 2022 by Sharon S.

    I ordered a last minute birthday cake (8") over the phone and they made it happen!! Unfortunately, the cake was rather dry and stale when I tried it ... womp womp. But I have to give them credit for making this work at 1 PM.

  • Feb 20, 2022 by Taisha R.

    * Friends told us these usually sell out before 4pm. Had to find out why * The reason: sweet, soft, crispy, salty! They have an option to microwave it. Highly suggest * Officially part of the cult

  • Feb 18, 2022 by Barney M.

    Fantastic bakery and great sandwiches.  Love this place.  Would eat here anytime! Hhhhhhh

  • Feb 15, 2022 by Bianca Rodriguez

    Cute coffee shop. Coffee was really good. Had the raspberry crumb and the coffee cake with strawberry glaze which were very tasty. Proof of vaccination is required for dine-in. Quick and friendly service.

  • Feb 15, 2022 by Lauren P.

    Flour consistently has delicious baked goods and coffee. Can't go wrong. We often end up at the flour in back Bay Area when Friendly Toast line is too long, and it's a great substitute

  • Feb 15, 2022 by Lauren P.

    Flour consistently has delicious baked goods and coffee. Can't go wrong. We often end up at the flour in back Bay Area when Friendly Toast line is too long, and it's a great substitute

  • Feb 13, 2022 by Kavita K.

    Perfect for brunch!!! Everything - and I mean every. single. thing. It's all fresh and delicious. Especially love the sticky buns, cauliflower melt sandwich, and avocado toast. Lots of flexibility to customize how you want it. Definitely cannot miss this landmark cafe when visiting Boston/Beacon Hill!!

  • Feb 11, 2022 by Timothy L.

    It was a wonderful place. I found it during the search for a place to have brunch. Their sandwiches and coffee were incredible. This place is doing it right. I didn't have a bad bite the entire meal. Get everything, well, if you don't get everything all at once, go back and get something else the next time.

  • Feb 10, 2022 by Michelle H.

    Tried the famous sticky buns. Would say that it's good, but not as blown away as people make it sound. There's a lot of goo and pecans, the brioche is denser and not as pillowy as I prefer. Tastes like what you would imagine a sticky bun to taste like, on the sweeter side but not unbearably so. Worth a try, but would try their sandwiches if I were to come again. Tips: eat in store as it can get messy, ask for it warmed up, and share it between 2

  • Feb 08, 2022 by Saul O.

    This place is great, always fresh ingredients welcoming staff and delicious pastries, the only negative criticism I have is they've change their espresso machine to a generic coffee maker:( early morning this place gets very busy) order in advance to avoid long lines or at the kiosk.

  • Feb 07, 2022 by Ellie B.

    Everything I've had here is delicious. The two standouts are the salmon and spinach salad and the gluten free almond macaroon. The cookie is both crispy and soft. Yummm.

  • Jan 27, 2022 by Beantown T.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE their sandwiches.  Good, quick and on the go.  In and out in 5 minutes.   Roast Chicken is my favorite.  Chopped Greek if in the salad mood.   Could be a bit cleaner.

  • Jan 22, 2022 by Regina G.

    The cutest bakery! We were there because we were waiting on our table at the Friendly Toast. I only got a drink but would definitely go again to try their food!

  • Jan 19, 2022 by Marissa R.

    I never have anything negative to say about Flour; it seriously blows Tatte out of the water. I always stop at (any) Flour whenever I'm in a pinch for lunch and want something filling. They have a wide menu to accommodate all types of eaters, and their coffee is always HOT and flavorful. My favorite is the vanilla latte and I love that they have various plant milks to choose from. Definitely a must for coffee, pastries, or lunch!

  • Jan 15, 2022 by Charlene S.

    Everything was good. Everything. Easy review to read, right? Just a few details below: The line was long, but moved fairly quickly. It gave enough time for half of us to stand and order and half of us to find seats. Seating is available both inside and out, and the only downside is that the inside smelled heavily of bacon. Sounds weird that that's a bad thing, but it hung pretty thick in the air. That thick smell of, not quite smoke, but potent. Kind of... greasy? Vegetarian review:   -  the grilled cauliflower melt was delicious and substantial. The cauliflower still had bite, so texture wasn't soggy, and the cheese was melty and gooey. Wonderful. -  chocolate chip cookies were also delicious. A little crisp on the edges, chewy on the inside.... Get one. Sorry- I don't know the parking situation.

  • Dec 30, 2021 by Tiffany C.

    Only came in for coffee, but wish we had stayed for breakfast as everything looked delicious and prices were decent. I got the Coconut Cream Cold Brew and it was creamy delight in a cup!

  • Dec 26, 2021 by Dan P.

    This is my favorite bakery and sandwich place.  Not going to Flour is one of my few regrets from our new work-from-home lifestyle.  Their breakfast scones, coffee, and lunch sandwich are all great.  They are allergy-friendly too.

  • Dec 16, 2021 by Jon and Amanda Lewis

    This is a fun little place. The quiche was good but I would have preferred it with more veggies or meat in it. There are a lot of great options for pastries and our coffee was delicious.

  • Dec 13, 2021 by Amanda L.

    The best avocado toast I ever had. Everything there was incredibly delicious. Long lines, but food came out quickly. Definitely coming back! ;-)

  • Dec 07, 2021 by Dushyant Maheshwary

    Flour bakery was one of the highlights of the trip. We got lucky with the timing as well. We got here before 9 and had to wait around 10 mins to place the order. Somewhere between 9-9.30am, the line got twice or 3 times the size. We had the mozzarella sandwich and the vegetarian quiche. I had a mocha and my wife had orange juice. Everything was fantastic! The mocha was one of the best that I've had. Simply delicious! The orange juice was fresh and sweet. The staff is excellent! Loved the outdoor seating as well. Highly recommend this place for breakfast or if you're just looking for a cup of coffee.

  • Nov 17, 2021 by MarkP115

    Flour offers consistently fine food. I use the app to place orders and pick up my orders. The staff is very friendly, but there are times when Flour gets very busy and orders placed hours earlier are not ready on time. This is a minor...annoyance, however, and I will happily return.More

  • Nov 07, 2021 by Ted L.

    excellent food, incredibly busy. it looks like the staff is barely keeping up with streaming order that either come through physical line inside the store and online/app orders. it takes a long time so be patient but the food is very excellent! one minor comment is that for a bakery+cafe, you mostly leave the place with the smell of bacon instead of smell of being in a bakery:)

  • Nov 06, 2021 by Tarun Yadav

    Came for some post-lunch dessert. Queueing outside the door. Well worth the wait. Had a signature Brownie and a slice of Boston Cream Pie. Both delicious. Not particularly expensive either. Came to like $10. RECOMMEND

  • Nov 06, 2021 by Juudge I.

    Good quality ingredients and tasty flavors on breakfast sandwiches. Everything on the menu is good.

  • Nov 02, 2021 by Audrey D.

    Ordered my food at 11:55am. Showed up at 12:19 the specific time the app said my food was ready. Had to wait another 30 minutes to receive my food. My order: half a sandwich and a seltzer.  I wish I just cancelled my order and asked for a refund because once I opened my sandwich it was a mess and so sloppy and gross. Giving 3 stars because they do have tasty food, but if you're in a rush or care about your lunch break time don't order from here.

  • Oct 31, 2021 by Amy T.

    Look no further for delicious breakfast and even take away snacks!! We got granola, spicy nuts, and cookies for the road!

  • Oct 27, 2021 by Rochelle Q.

    We went on a somewhat rainy Monday morning! There was a line, thankfully, it wasn't out the door. It was our last day in Boston and wanted to check this place out. It's a nice place to meet up with friends to hang out or study. Noise level was average and place was clean We ordered the cauliflower melt, drip coffee and iced coffee. We asked for the cauliflower melt to me cut in half since we were splitting it. We like that we can still hear them call out names from where we were sitting which was a far corner of the place. The cauliflower melt was amazing and perfect for a cold morning. The iced coffee was standard and I love that the had milk alternative carafes out.

  • Oct 22, 2021 by Charles McKenzie

    Delicious as always! It's been a good while since I had Flour and as usual they do a fantastic job. Ordered the chicken sandwich with jicama (my favorite) and a limeade (hadn't had before). Both were excellent. I didn't get a cookie or pastry this time around but also recommend.

    Good To Know: If ordering online (probably applies even offline too) would recommend trying to time your order before or after the lunch hour for this location (Back Bay) on weekdays since in my experience it gets pretty crowded!

    For the Restaurant:
    Recognizing I'm not an expert and there may be really good reasons for the process in place, I thought of something while enjoying my sandwich:

    During the lunch hour, particularly at this location, it might be worth dispensing with the usual process and putting items from online orders on the pick up table as they come out of the kitchen instead of trying to call names/waiting for the customer to provide theirs? It might also be worth adding clear instructions somewhere for what the customer should do when they enter the restaurant so they don't end up waiting around for their name to be called instead of providing it at the counter or whatever you decide they should do. Its a pretty small space for a large crowd!

    Here's why: I ordered online during the lunch hour and it seemed like your staff were doing an amazing job keeping up with preparing the orders, but weren't using the customer accessible pick-up table. The result seemed to be a lot of people waiting around for their name to be called or needing to go up to the counter to provide their name. A friendly but somewhat stressed looking staff member was heroically taking everyone's names, trying to find the right sandwich on a table behind the counter for the right item, then signing off on the handheld (which i assume sends the text message). The result of all of this was that I waited probably an extra 15-20 minutes for a sandwich that might have already been ready. Hope this helps. Appreciate you all; thanks for a great lunch! :)

  • Oct 21, 2021 by Marci K.

    We had Grubhub deliver to our hotel . Fabulous decision!!! I cannot wait to eat Flour's food again. Based on Christina Tosi's recommendation, we couldn't wait to order from the woman-owned business while visiting Boston.  We ordered the veggie sandwich (I WILL DREAM OF THIS SANDWICH FOREVER)...chickpeas and pickled veggies give it a Bahn mi vibe and THE BREAD!!! Heaven!  We also ordered the cauliflower grilled cheese- amazing!!!!!   Cannot wait to enjoy this food again!

  • Oct 20, 2021 by Heather Marie V.

    I am *obsessed* with Flour Bakery! This review isn't about one particular experience, but essentially a love letter to the bakery. I haven't lived in Boston for nearly a decade and every time I'm home, I ensure that I stop by a location at least once. I always load up on goodies, and usually snag a sandwich. I especially love the chunky lola and tcho chocolate chip cookies, the macaroons, and raspberry crumb bars. My go to sandwich is the roast chicken (it introduced me to jicama!), but I always try the seasonal sandwiches too. The staff is always chipper and listen carefully to your orders, anything that isn't pre-made will be cranked out quickly. The food is always perfect, from the baked goods to the sandwiches, obviously made with a lot of care and passion. My favorite location is this one: great people watching, a park across the street, and usually plenty of seating. I recommend buying the Flour cookbooks, so you can have a taste of it at home! I'm already dreaming about another Flour visit when I'll be home in a month...

  • Oct 16, 2021 by piyush chopra

    Amazing cafe. ! Love the cauliflower melt. The pesto base on the sandwich is just brilliant! Also a must visit place for their bakery!

  • Oct 15, 2021 by Sheryl B

    Quality, price, service - everything is excellent at Flour! It's my go to for quick and quality lunch. A gem of Boston.

  • Oct 15, 2021 by Michelle T.

    We called ahead to order breakfast here around 8am on a Saturday. When we went to pick it up the store was packed and all the tables outside were full. Lots of people were there so we were glad we ordered for take out. The food was packaged nicely and it tasted amazing! Will definitely be returning here in the future.

  • Oct 12, 2021 by Josh M.

    Still the best baked goods around. Use the app.  No, really, you'll thank me later.  The in-person impulse thing doesn't work here during peaks. Still some of the best retail baked goods in town.  Literally, there is no item here under amazing.  BUT.........if the line is more than four deep, check to see if it is moving along or you will be there longer than anticipated. Still awesome, but my post-Covid spending here has been halved by the slow moving days. Quite simply the best baked goods I've had in a long, long time. Items tried and loved: Mushroom Brioche Butter Breton Sugared Brioche Pecan Sticky Bun Bread Pudding French Roast Coffee Any of the single origin coffees The breakfast egg sandwich Haven't had anything bad. Sometimes, the line can be slow and I'll turn right around, but, generally, they're great at keeping it moving. The Seaport location is great, as well. I wouldn't go to Boston just for it, but it is a must-visit if you're in town. 12/11/19 Figured I'd update this one. Still some of the best baked goods around. While I miss the mushroom brioche, the Spinach and Artichoke that replaced it is equally divine. Love the rolls, all of them. The pecan roll is ridiculous and a great excuse for more coffee. Breakfast sandwiches are hot, fresh and delicious. Also, the staff are always friendly and professional.  Love me some bakers, they are a dying breed. Nice work, all of you 01/10/2020 Still the best baked goods in Boston.  I commute from the Worcester area and it's the best in all that area too. As a city business, it's a little more expensive, but I genuinely feel anything I've gotten was worth the money and a true treat.   Love me some bakers.  Especially the good ones. Quite simply the best baked goods I've had in a long, long time. Items tried and loved: Mushroom Brioche Butter Breton Sugared Brioche Pecan Sticky Bun Bread Pudding French Roast Coffee Any of the single origin coffees The breakfast egg sandwich Haven't had anything bad. Sometimes, the line can be slow and I'll turn right around, but, generally, they're great at keeping it moving. The Seaport location is great, as well. I wouldn't go to Boston just for it, but it is a must-visit if you're in town. 12/11/19 Figured I'd update this one. Still some of the best baked goods around. While I miss the mushroom brioche, the Spinach and Artichoke that replaced it is equally divine. Love the rolls, all of them. The pecan roll is ridiculous and a great excuse for more coffee. Breakfast sandwiches are hot, fresh and delicious. Also, the staff are always friendly and professional.  Love me some bakers, they are a dying breed. Nice work, all of you. Quite simply the best baked goods I've had in a long, long time. Items tried and loved: Mushroom Brioche Butter Breton Sugared Brioche Pecan Sticky Bun Bread Pudding French Roast Coffee Any of the single origin coffees The breakfast egg sandwich Haven't had anything bad. Sometimes, the line can be slow and I'll turn right around, but, generally, they're great at keeping it moving. The Seaport location is great, as well. I wouldn't go to Boston just for it, but it is a must-visit if you're in town.

  • Oct 03, 2021 by Sharon L.

    Flour bakery is open early and definitely have a ton of people ready to order their food. I was here 930 in the morning and there was already a decently long line but the staff is not only super speedy but also very kind. The person that took our order was very nice and kind. The wait was not long at all and I got my food pretty quickly. I got the applewood smoked bacon sandwich, which was actually really big and also got the lemon limeade which was nicely tart but also sweet. The sandwich was crunchy and juicy from the tomatoes and sauce, a good balance. I love that it was toasted as well. I also ordered the chocolate brioche and almond croissant and both pastries were delightful! Overall the food was a decent size and tasted great. The prices were not bad as well for Boston, cheaper than some brunch places for sure. Would be back!!

  • Oct 01, 2021 by Natalie P.

    This place nails the pastry game. The brioche au chocolat was a great change to the usual chocolate croissant I order, mostly because this brioche came packed with chocolate, more chocolate than a croissant can offer. I also had a hot latte. I was hoping there would be some seasonal drinks offered here but did not find any , so I added as some cinnamon to my drink and it tasted good. The breakfast sandwich was also tasty but served lukewarm. The egg soufflé was an interesting variation on an otherwise typical breakfast sandwich. The flavor was there, I'm just not sure I would choose to have an egg souffléd on a sandwich again, the texture was just a little off for me. It is worth a try though!

  • Sep 24, 2021 by Andrew Fernandez

    Came across this coffee shop and it was very nice. Indoor and outdoor seating. Small park next to the outdoor seating for small kids so you can enjoy coffee while they burn off energy. Lots of food options from pastries to sandwiches. Will be back.

  • Sep 22, 2021 by Tina B.

    THE BEST SALAD!  I love my salad but this took me to an entire different level. I had the tomato farro salad which was amazing.  My husband and daughter both had turkey and roast beef sandwiches.  My husband who is selective was left speechless on the flavor and combination of meet, cheese, dressing and veggies.  My daughter had turkey and of course purchased chocolate chip cookies, chocolate croissants and more.  Not only is the food fresh, creative and delicious, the people, Hollywood, who work their and take care of everyone are amazing.  Always serve with a smile and they know their  product.  I would have them cater any event if they did.  You have to stop by for lunch when in Boston.  They need to open up a shop in Burlington, Vermont!!

  • Sep 20, 2021 by Gabriela Kamienski

    Very nice place. Pretty, cozy and the food delicious!! Would recommend the sandwiches & quiches - also the iced tea and chocolate chip cookies

  • Sep 20, 2021 by Gabriel F.

    My favorite bakery in Boston for delicious sandwiches and baked goodies. This location is walking distance from my school, New England Law. I frequent this location for dinner on nights I have class. The seasonal Smoked Turkey sandwich with zucchini relish, black pepper pecorino mayo, and red gem lettuce on multigrain is PHENOMENAL. I "occasionally" pair it with a chocolate cupcake, vegan chocolate muffin, or the famous brown butter cinnamon roll for dessert. I am always satisfied by this place. Highly highly recommend.

  • Sep 16, 2021 by Courtney A.

    BEST GLUTEN FREE BREAD I HAVE EVER HAD. I'm not a dramatic person, but I was literally speechless. I had to ask multiple times to make sure it was truly gluten free especially because it even looked better than the non-gluten free bread. The dijonaise sauce that comes on it is also super tasty and I definitely asked for extra on the side. After developing a gluten sensitivity, I haven't been able to have bread in over a year and normally overlook gluten free bread because it's just not the same. It meant so much to me to actually be able to bite into a sandwich and actually enjoy it. Can't wait to visit Boston again so I can come back here for breakfast!! Matcha latte was also good. Loved the overall ambiance of the café and the outdoor seating. Yay, you just made our day sweeter!

  • Sep 14, 2021 by Gary W.

    Honestly, this is one of the best operational coffee shops around. The line may be long at times but they're so aware of each customer and incredibly friendly, it's worth it. The coffee is spot on, cold brew runs out quick, try the pop tart pastry (seriously good). Thanks Flour Bakery + Cafe for my daily fix while in Boston! HI Gary - Thank you for the excellent review. See you next time at Flour! Kerri

  • Sep 08, 2021 by Matthew Brunken

    The customer service speaks for itself. Wonderful people. I wasn't even ordering, just walked past the restaurant one day on a walk, and one of the ladies said "Hello, Matthew!" because she remembered my name after only a couple orders. That's some crazy service, and it made me continue going back. The food is okay, the sandwiches in particular aren't something I would go out of my way for. The drinks are amazing, a bit on the bitter side, but they are always happy to make my drinks extra sweet when I ask.

  • Sep 04, 2021 by Peter O.

    Hands down, Flour Bakery is one of my favorite places to go to enjoy a nice bite and coffee for breakfast/brunch!!! I enjoy the wide range of dessert options- as I find them to be creative and delicious. For the sandwiches, I enjoy  the roast beef sandwich the most as it is overall pleasing and simple! Eventually, I'd like to try something different there but its hard to do something different when the usual just works so well! Hello Peter! Thanks for the great review! Kerri

  • Sep 02, 2021 by Gaetano Lombardo

    Excellent coffee and food. And despite being VERY busy the morning I visited, the service was very patient and helpful. Next time I’m in the area, I’ll go out of my way to revisit.

  • Aug 31, 2021 by Jackie Barnes

    Please add more savory scones. I am usually in around 2:30 and there are none. I am eager to try the chive scone.

    Great and attentive service.

  • Aug 29, 2021 by Patricia S.

    Found this bakery across the street from our hotel in the Back Bay.  I'm lucky I didn't find it on the first day of our trip because it is incredible!  I had the sticky roll and then went back for a savory scone (Parmesan and chive).  Delicious.  Really good iced coffee too! Hi Patricia - Thank you for the awesome review!! See you next time you are in town! Kerri

  • Aug 28, 2021 by Meghan H.

    We are visiting here from the Bay Area, CA. The service is attentive & organized, just fantastic! Despite the long lines, the pastries and coffee are with the wait. And if you order online it's super fast. I especially recommend the blueberry pop tart. The puff pastry is perfect, buttery soft layers gently coated in the blueberry filling. Hi Meghan - Thank you for the great review. See you next time you are in town! Flour Bakery

  • Aug 27, 2021 by Vivian T.

    When I can in, I saw that there was a long line, but I noticed a single kiosk (empty) and went there to order instead of waiting. The little kiosk made ordering much easier and faster which is a great plus. Sticky Bun 9/10 - I love love love that they had a heated option for this one. This makes sure that you get a nice gooey-ness. The bun had plenty of pecans that helped balance the sweetness of the thick syrup. It was warm, soft and a delicious way to start off a morning. Chocolate Brioche 4/10 - I wish this had a heated option like the sticky bun. The brioche was flat and cold. I didn't mind the coldness as much as the flatness and density of the pastry. It was like eating a squished supermarket pre-packaged chocolate pastry. It didn't taste bad (how can you go wrong with butter and chocolate), it was just disappointing for a bakery. I would not recommend this one. Although the brioche was disappointing, the sticky buns are a must-try. I'd like to come back and try their sandwiches since I've heard many good things about them. Hi Vivian! I am happy you liked the sticky bun! I will pass along your feedback about the Brioche au Chocolat. Kerri

  • Aug 25, 2021 by Patrick H.

    GO THERE!  - even if you aren't hungry, you won't regret it.  Great breakfast and awesome pastries. Inside/outside seating.

  • Aug 23, 2021 by Treavor Kuipers

    Best Sticky Buns Period! Banana bread and fruit crumbles are also good. Breakfast sandwich was delicious per the others in my group. The line can get a little long and wait times can be the same, but what good place doesn't have both of those things...so plan accordingly.

  • Aug 18, 2021 by Mike Kesow

    The absolute best banana bread I have ever had. Take the best banana bread your grandma ever made and then make it better. How? I don't know, but this place figured it out. Instead of dense & stodgy this is moist, light, almost cake like but still holds up. I see online that there are recipes for Flour Bakery banana bread and I'll try making it when I get back to Pittsburgh, but I'm gonna guess it won't quite be the same.

  • Jun 27, 2021 by Phaedra Thomas

    Super busy but very efficiently run. Delicious breakfast sandwich and fresh mozzarella sandwich. Delicious cold brew. Very cite location too with ample indoor and outdoor space.

  • Sep 18, 2020 by Andre Behrens

    My favorite fast breakfast.